About Maximus

Maximus Life sciences is one of the leading assured Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical products company situated in Bangalore India. We have catalogue of products Manufactured with the latest technologies, manufacturing units, highly qualified and dedicated workforce, equipped quality control laboratory, best quality assurance system along with 102 years of cumulative experience.

Max Mission

At MAXIMUS Life sciences we’re thrilled to offer a comprehensive range of quality assured Nutraceuticals, Food Supplements and Pharmaceutical Products as a trusted Brand. 

We aspire to give the best value to our stake holders through our quality & innovative products that will be useful to humanity.

Our aim is to be known for our contribution, in maximising the quality of life for people suffering from ailments, pain and also who enjoy the benefits of an active lifestyle and delaying the ageing process

Max Vision

We believe that the use of natural products is today one of the best way in preventing diseases, improving and maintaining good health, and for that reason we dedicate ourselves in offering these products to humanity.

We are committed to provide the highest possible quality of products, driven by passion, science and technology to serve humanity continuously to overcome the hurdles in achieving good health and Happy life.​

We focus on our mission, which is truly important and meaningful to us.

Max Values
Confidence, Trust, Honesty, Dependable on the products/ as a team with each other/as a company to the distributors, customers and everyone directly or indirectly related with Maximus
Not giving up, Tolerance, continued efforts, steadfastness, persistent despite difficulties, failures or oppositions on quality of products, customers, partners or anyone directly or indirectly related with Maximus
Quality Assurance
Commitment for sourcing out the best quality raw materials and the best manufacturing practices to be delivered to humanity.